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CPQ is an advanced map logic mod for Quake, the original (and best) 3D FPS by id Software, released in 1996. CPQ is designed to empower Quake map authors with the ability to introduce complex logic into their designs, resulting in exciting and dynamic gameplay. CPQ is designed to be easy to use, but is targeted toward Quake map authors who are comfortable with placing and configuring advanced entities. This mod is still under heavy development and testing; features are still being added and refined.

The latest version is:

  • CPQ 0.1a (December 2019)
    First released in December 2019, this initial alpha of CPQ is heavily deprecated and should really only be used for evaluation purposes.

Next version:

  • CPQ 0.2 (Q4 2022)

Preview Videos for v0.2 - Playthrough of cpq_showcase, Architecture Overview & editor breakdown!
October 2, 2021

A new two part video series previewing v0.2 of CPQ has been released! In part one of these videos, we play through the upcoming cpq_showcase and then in part two, give a brief overview of the CPQ architecture before digging into every piece of logic in cpq_showcase in the editor, detailing how each of them were setup!

Preview Video - Triggers & Readouts
January 9, 2021

A new video previewing CPQ triggers and readouts was released.

CPQ Site is Live!
January 6, 2021

It's time to give CPQ a home, so here it is! Development continues on v0.2, with playtester recruitment beginning soon. v0.2 will consist of:
  • Maps:
    • cpq_ablative - A full single-player gameplay map that implements CPQ mechanics and triggers to demonstrate the potential of CPQ
    • cpq_devkit - A test map full of interactive demos and examples of many CPQ triggers
  • Source
    • QC source
    • .map files
  • Documentation
    • Quickstart guide for quickly getting your hands on CPQ
    • Full entity reference guide
  • Media
    • Video walkthroughs of the devkit and overall CPQ mechanics